All Child Hairs


Retexture/Recolor of basegame hair with 45 colors in all (see side bar for palette). Both male and female child hairs are combined in one package.

There are 3 packages in the file download: 1 for the basegame hairs, 1 for Get to Work hairs, and 1 for Outdoor Retreat Hairs.  You’ll need all of them if you have all of the additional packs, otherwise pick and choose what you need.

This was my test run for the semi-automated process I put together to make it easier to complete all those adult hairs. EA textures kinda suck but I did my best to make them a bit more presentable without losing the original feel to them. They are tagged appropriately and should match up fairly well with the default eyebrow colors. Also all the bright colors are NOT enabled for random so your townies won’t be running around with crazy bright colored hair.

It’s ridiculously time consuming to complete these but I should have the adult female hairs done in about a week since I’ve prepped all the files. At this point I just need to bring everything together in the package files and tag them then they’re done. Male hairs and male facial hair will be done after that, and I’m debating on whether or not do eyebrows. I reeeeeeeally don’t want to but my OCD may get the better of me of I may just do them lol.


Download HERE.


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