Jean Retail Stuff

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Here are a few things I’ve been working on for the Jeans section of my clothing store. There are folded jeans found in clutter, a jeans wall display found in wall sculptures, and jean model canvases found in wall art. The Jeans are stackable and everything can be sold in your store.

I created these keeping in mind that you may want to use these items for other things as well. The jeans can be used in your closet at home. The canvases don’t have any ads on them so they can be used in any of your retail stores or at home. Even the wall display can be used in your closet at home as well.

There is also a separate download HERE for the Mini sign that allows it to now fit in the smallest slots available. I got tired of it not sitting on the shelves where I wanted it. Enjoy!

Download HERE.



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