Long Straight Bangs

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Sorry it’s been a while. We had a death in the family and found out another was very sick so I haven’t had a chance to get on here very much. Here is one of the hairs I’ve been working on. I know I said there was going to be a set but I haven’t had time to put them all together and since it’s been a while I figured I’d just release them as I have time to package them.

Retexture/Recolor of basegame hair with 45 colors in all (see sidebar for colors). The Natural colors are a default replacement and the Bright colors are an addition. You may download the Naturals and Brights separately, or all together in one file.

Download HERE.


Table Top Potted Plant Retexture/Recolor

EA vs Mine

EA plant vs My recolor/retexture


I really hated the texture EA used for the leaves on this plant so I changed them and added a bunch of modern planter colors as well. Retexture/Recolor of basegame deco plant, 18 colors.

Download HERE.