Angel Wing & Kitty Corner Windows

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Angel Wings

Kitty Corner

I was working on this lovely 3 story French Quarter home when I realized that these windows were driving me nuts. First the painted glass trim annoyed me because they generally don’t look like that in New Orleans and this window style in particular is popular there. Yes, there are colored window frames which I may make later, but you generally don’t see the glass trim a different color than the window frame.

Secondly those terrible little raised triangles that make me want to shave them off every time I look at them. I’ve seen some windows that have this detail but usually these also are the same color as the surrounding window frame. So I’ve taken the triangles out and replaced it with a slight recess instead to make these more diverse style-wise, then recolored these with some standard exterior colors. These would look great on colonial or beach houses too!

Download HERE.

01-14-15_2-01 PM-2

01-14-15_2-04 PM



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