Wall Plants!

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Well, hello again!

I know I just posted yesterday but my new computer is so fast I feel like I’m on a roll!  😉

I’ve had the textures for these for a while but could not create a mesh I liked for them. I’m not the best at meshing (I have no patience WHATsoever…) so I got fed up fairly quickly and abandoned them for a while. Instead of trying to mesh them out I decided to use one of EA’s meshes and they ended up turning out pretty wonderful if I do say so myself!

Each comes with several CAStable styles except for the bougainvillea. The bougainvillea is an overlay so the color cannot be changed BUT it matches the EA trees perfectly. These wall plants can be found in build > shrubs for 25 simoleons. Base game compatible.

Download HERE.


Castable & Shiftable Rocks

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People have been asking for these for a while but it wasn’t until just recently I was able to put together my new computer. These come in 6 different styles and each style is fully castable. I also made a second set of the smaller ones to be shiftable as well as act like rugs so your sims can walk right over them! You can find them under Build > Rocks for 15 simoleons.

Download HERE