Infinity Pool Window

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 This set will allow you to turn your standard pool into an infinity pool. The window that can be placed along the pool walls to create the look of an infinity edge. The column will fill in the gap between two windows on an outward facing corner (see pics below). If you’d like to change the pattern you’ll need to be on the floor level of the pool to recolor them. Base game compatible.

Download HERE.



  1. This is amazing! I would love – love – to see this recolorable on two channels – inside the pool and outside. Also, an amazing “extension” would be a window that evens out that pesky thin wall syndrome, as this does, but in full height so you can place it around your pools if they cross a regular wall, for example inside the building. I know many builders that hate this – some mainly just for the reason that you can’t place paintings on them without a huge gap. Perhaps it’s not so difficult to adapt the height of this to fit, and make it two channeled? Just a thought. Love your work!

  2. This is too cool! I love the idea of the infinity pool without the hassles of the build cheats! Thanks so much!! (and thanks for all of your Macrossi {can’t remember how to spell it} plant conversions – it all deserves more than the thanks click at MTS)

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